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Cluster of Grand – Palace Hotels: Big efforts for green and sustainable development

In recent years, travelling to places of beautiful landscape, clean environment, friendly people and special cultural features is the popular tendency, especially for visitors from the countries with developed industries. In response to that tendency, OSC Vietnam has enhanced work of advocating, promoting awareness of environment protection, closely supervising environmental quality at the member units, especially the hotels, with the aim to widespread the task of responsible tour arrangement among the communities.

Bedroom of Palace Hotel

In Vung Tau City, cluster of Grand – Palace Hotels, belonging to OSC Vietnam, is considered the leading unit in task of environment protection. In addition to create green landscape and space, since many years ago, the cluster has applied standards on waste management and treatment. On that basis, these two hotels have poured investment in building the sewage treatment system, solar energy power system, solar energy water heater, replacing with the economical compact lamps and so on. These developments have helped reduce input costs, raise awareness of environment and landscape protection among the staff team and, more importantly, keep up with tendency of environment friendliness to serve well visitors, especially overseas and VIP ones. Thanks to that, in many recent years, also during the most difficult time, the cluster always records great number of overseas clients who are experts and businesspeople coming for long stays. Capacity of rooms at these two hotels continuously reaches 80 – 90%/year.

Mr. Shawn Warren, from South Africa, says: “I feel very happy staying here because you have perfect services, friendly staff, green and beautiful landscape. I hope to have chance to stay here regularly to enjoy your best services”.

In addition, the work of classifying and recycling waste is always paid with much attention and carried out among the staff team. The hotels target use of green, environment friendly products for the best services such as: shampoo, shower cream, soap, toothpaste, etc, which are from the Vietnamese suppliers and made of Vietnamese raw materials. That has helped guarantee safety, good quality of products and save for the hotels. For a clean and green environment, the hotels tend to limit use of harmful chemicals. Chemicals for maintenance, building, repairing such as: petrol, oil, paint, diesel oil, vanish paint, etc, are kept carefully in labelled containers. The hotels do not store any dangerous and harmful chemicals. The stores and sites are always kept tidy, in order, safe, fresh, cool, far from sources of power, heath, free from leakage or dispersion, which can be bad to health of the communities.

In compliance with regulations on environment, rewards for travel enterprises are also invaluable. It is the recognition of international communities for their trademarks via titles granted by national and international prestigious organizations. Early 2014, the cluster of Grand – Palace hotels is honoured to be voted as one of 10 Vietnam leading hotels for ASEAN Green Hotel 2014 – 2016. As said by Mr. Sidhrathan, India Oil – Gas Work Insurance Company: “I choose Grand Hotel to stay because this is a very beautiful hotel where friendly staff and good services are present. The hotel is very worthy to the title of green hotel”.

Grand Hotel

Mrs. Vo Thi Bach Tuyet, Director of Palace Hotel, says: “The award ASEAN Green Hotel 2014 – 2016 is to glorify South East of Asia leading hotels for global green and friendly environment. This award has certified big efforts of Palace Hotel in recent years. In next years, we will continue the green and environment friendly tendency, spare no effort to enforce regulations on management, treatment of water sources and energy saving”. Upon recognized achievements, the cluster of Grand – Palace Hotel commits to keep ourselves compliant with laws on environments. All of staff, employees will continue to seriously apply the environment policies, environment standards, maintain the title of leading 4 star hotel in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, be worthy to the award ASEAN Green Hotel 2014 – 2016.